About us


Hi! I'm Andra, a mother of 3, the mind behind Heritage Hug. We are a family business inspiring a sustainable parenting movement, that provides premium quality cloth diapers and reusables which are easy to use, beautiful, and ethically made.
As a mother, I am looking to make conscious choices for the world and her family. This is why when I discovered cloth diapers and started using them, I was completely in love with all the advantages it has to offer and discovered it was not that much work. I became so passionate that I started researching in depth about it, connecting with cloth diapering mamas and started dreaming about making my diaper brand.
In 2020 the world changed and more and more people started to become aware of the impact we have on our world. Some people even started leaving the cities, going back to nature and living like in the old ways trying to be more independent in these unstable times. Seeing the empty diaper shelves at the grocery stores, I realized that it is time for cloth diapers to become mainstream and with my old dream in mind, I wanted to become a part of it making it more known and available for people around the world. Most parents are using disposables only because they don’t know how easy and fun cloth diapering can be and how far they've come since the days of safety pins, toweling squares and  diaper rash.
I noticed there was a lack of diapers with very absorbent and natural fiber inserts that have the smallest impact on the environment. Most diapers on the market use for inserts “bamboo “ which is not a natural fabric, and it is misslabeled “Bamboo” , plus it's manufacturing stage it is harming the environment and the people that work in these rayon/viscose making facilities.
Modern Cloth diapers, while much better than disposables, they are't perfect when it comes to earth-friendliness because all production has an environmental cost. But we always opt for natural fibers where possible and this is why, when it comes to absorbency, we turned to the most sustainable and truly natural fabrics available: organic cotton, hemp, options that are rarely available in the cloth diaper market.
I wanted every decision to be made with sustainability in mind, while not compromising on the practicability, ease, comfort and aesthetics of the diaper.
As the saying goes” If you can't do it all, don’t leave it all.” It matters that we always look to make improvements in our choices and reduce our footprints one little step at a time. 
Because less is more, we only wanted to add the features that fulfill an important function. So I put together my ideas and made countless tests and comparations. Many sleepless nights have gone into perfecting my design and testing absorbent natural fabrics. One year later, the HugInOne diaper was born, A trim, stylish, functional diaper with lots of natural absorbency.
Because the ethical treatment of people and the environment are at the heart of everything we do, we started researching how to consciously source from China where there are endless possibilities and opotunities for brands to develop unique products. After long searches, we are grateful to find and partner with 2 manufacturers that are Sedex and BSCI audited.
Sedex and BSCI are global ethical supplier programs that audit all levels of their supply chain. In their audits, they will evaluate factors such as fair wages, labor conditions, reasonable hours, and a safe working environment.
Even tough we are satisfied with the quality of our current suppliers, we are looking to reduce our carbon footprint and we would like to redirect ourselves to a more local manufacturing. We are excited to be currently in contact with european factories, with which we can partner for our future collections so stay tuned if this is important for you.
Fabrics certifications
Our manufacturers provided us with Oeko-Tex certifiation for fabrics they use and also GOTS certification for organic cotton which provides us with some peace of mind in knowing our customers are receiving safe and sustainable products. However it is important to know that the final end products have not been verified as well 
 This is a certification system recognized globally to test fabrics and textiles for harmful substances so that it is safe for human use. To obtain this certification, the fabrics and textiles will undergo extensive testing for more than 100 known substances that pose a threat to us and our planet to ensure all is clean. 
GOTS is a globally recognized certification for organic textiles. It focuses not only on guaranteeing chemical-free fibers but also on maintaining high-level environmental and social criteria from organic farming to ethical manufacturing.
Our products that have  GOTS-certified fabrics. (Organic cotton inserts, organic cotton velour wipes, organic cotton velour shell lining).
We continue to strive for transparency and aspire to find innovative solutions to help reduce our environmental footprint.
We're in business to make a difference
We believe in leaving the world better than we found it. Giving back is important to us so we want to share that passion with you, our customers. That’s why we are committed to donating 10% to people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and to poor families in need. If you’ve bought anything from Heritage Hug, you’ve also contributed because we’re all in this together.
It has been such a journey to taste the Delicious process of creating and physically touching my vision.
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.
with much love,